5 komentarzy przy “Retrospekcje – film z Argentyny

  1. jak zwykle AMAZING.
    dwa pytania: krecisz glownie Gopro? (kadry nie sa szerokie wiec na Narrow?)
    timelapse rowniez gopro czy jednak lepsza jakość z Canona?
    podziwiam talent i pozdrawiam

  2. That video is sooo amazing, my tears just had to come out. You capture my amazing country in less than 5 minutes. The beauty, the misery, the soul… thank you for that! It makes me feel even more proud! And i think every argentinian should see this, so i will do my part… i will share. Thank again! It is beautifull!

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  4. I am putting together a promotional video for a Rotary Friendship Exchange with Argentina. This is a non-profit effort to promote humanitarian cooperation. There will be a delegation from the USA traveling to Argentina then they in turn will send a delegation to the USA. The purpose is to build goodwill, better friendships, and cooperation on humanitarian projects. I was wondering if I could use your video as part of the promotion. I will make sure to give you credit. Nothing will be charged for this or from this. No profits will be made. I was wanting to combine your video with perhaps Madonna’s version of „Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.” Please let me know if this is fine with you.

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